– Mellow Survey – Get Free Coupon Why does Tellmellow conduct surveys?

The primary goal of this study is to get genuine responses from gourmands. The purpose of this survey is to learn how respondents feel about the quality of service and the cuisine they received.

The primary goal is for all of Mellow Mushroom’s regular customers to have their voices heard in the company’s official customer satisfaction survey. – Mellow Survey – Get Free Coupon

If you complete the Tell Mellow survey and submit it, you will be entered to win a great prize.

Redeemable for $5 off your next purchase of $10 or more at any Mellow Mushroom Mobile Eatery.

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Reward Coupons – Mellow Survey – Get Free Coupon

How to Conduct the Mellow Survey

  • Go to to take part in Mellow Mushroom’s customer satisfaction survey.
  • Type in the 16-digit code that appeared on your bill.
  • Follow the guidelines provided on the introduction page. That way, you will know what to anticipate.
  • The link to the privacy statement is over there on the left if you need it.
  • To go on to the next question in the survey and begin answering it, please choose the next button.
  • Your most recent visit to any Mellow Mushroom pizza maker will be the focus of this poll.
  • You will be asked a variety of questions, including whether or not you thought the pricing and quality of the meal met your expectations. Were the employees helpful and kind to you while you were there? How timely and effective was the service you received? Were there any challenges or problems that you encountered when dining there? Did you like the decor and cleanliness of the space?
  • The questions are presented in English, but a translation feature is available if that is too difficult.
  • Don’t be dishonest or cheat in any way; just provide your best answers based on your expertise.
  • Here’s where you get to have your say on how we can improve Mellow Mushroom to better suit your needs.
  • Complete the form by including your name, email address, and physical address in the appropriate fields.
  • Please check your responses for typos before sending them to
  • After that, you’ll get a $5 off voucher to use at any Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers on your next visit.
  • Management receives all comments and then decides what to do next after reviewing the data.

Benefits & Rewards

You will be given the opportunity to win a wonderful reward if you respond to the Tell Mellow survey and then submit it.

You may use this coupon at any Mellow Mushroom Mobile Eatery for a discount of $5 off your subsequent purchase of $10 or more.

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Rules & Regulations

  • Proficiency in English is assumed.
  • You need to prove that you are an actual U.S. citizen.
  • After making a purchase, you’ll have 7 days to fill out the survey.
  • In a given month, there will be a total of just 5 surveys scheduled.
  • Your prizes are not transferable, and you cannot redeem them for money.
  • In order to claim your reward, you’ll need both the original receipt and the verification code.
  • This survey at is for adults only.
  • Employees, contractors, and partners of the firm are not eligible to take part in the mellow mushroom poll.

Essentials for the Calm Mushroom Poll

  • The survey shouldn’t take too long, will adhere to certain minimum standards, and will provide honest opinions.
  • You should use a real email address.
  • You’ll need to provide proof of a single purchase of mellow mushrooms.
  • You will need access to the internet and a mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.

About Mellow Survey

Atlanta, Georgia may be proud of this. Three young adults with strong moral convictions came up with the idea to create this company. The first pizza began in 1974 on Spring Street, but its success prompted the opening of more locations around the state.

It eventually spread to other cities inside the United States. There are now over 150 sites, the vast majority of which are franchisees. Meanwhile, it has kept its headquarters at its place of birth.

The Mellow Mushroom philosophy focuses on encouraging individual expression in a lighthearted setting. Every shop’s interior is unique, yet all of them are works of art that revolve around a central concept. After all, this enterprise was launched by 1970s-era hippies.

When it comes to the menu, you can count on delicious pizza produced with only the freshest ingredients. Cold craft beer pairs well with each piece. The Carney Pub burger, which has a half-pound patty, is just one of the many delectable items on the menu.

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By taking part in this survey, you will have the opportunity to win a discount coupon or promo code that can be used at Mellow Mushroom. It caters to customers of all ages, which contributes to the establishment’s status as a well-liked quick-service restaurant.

This survey is similar to an innovative idea that will assist the company in growing and maintaining the loyalty of its numerous clients. On the official website (, there is much information on the views of genuine customers.

According to the results of this survey, the provision of superior service that ensures the satisfaction of customers is the top priority. Customers are encouraged to provide helpful feedback whenever they feel comfortable doing so. – FAQs

  • Question – In what manner is it carried out?

Answer – Please visit the official website at in order to begin the Mellow Mushroom Survey and submit your honest feedback at the same time.

  • Question – How can I join the contest to win a voucher good for $5 off at Mellow Mushroom?

Answer – There are no fees associated with becoming a member of Mellow Mushroom. Simply provide your email address and choose a password to become a member, after which you may follow this tutorial to do the Mellow Mushroom Survey in its full, at which point you will be given a survey code.

  • Question – How reliable is TellMellow?

Answer – You can trust the survey at, which the firm uses to get honest feedback from its consumers.

  • Question – Is there a way to check my TellMellow eligibility?

Answer – Anyone who is at least 18 years old, a legal resident of the United States, and in possession of a recent Mellow Mushroom receipt and a device capable of connecting to the internet may participate in the survey.

  • Question – What do I get out of doing the TellMellow survey?

Answer – TellMellow offers $5 discount validation codes when you finish the survey.

  • Question – How do I get my prize?

Answer – You may earn a discount on food by bringing in your coupon the next time you visit any Mellow Mushroom pizza bakery.

  • Question – Is there a way to pay with cash on TellMellow?

Answer – Your voucher is currently only good for reduced meals and cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • Question – How can I claim my prize?

Answer – Keep the receipt secure until you collect your reward so that you may apply the validation code you get at the conclusion of the survey.

  • Question – Does TellMellow really need my opinion?

Answer – Time spent on TellMellow forms is not wasted, since all responses are shared with management and factored into future decisions.

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