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McDonald’s is the second largest fast-food chain in the world, and the firm places very high importance on ensuring that the millions of customers that it serves each and every day are satisfied with the food and service that they receive.

A wide variety of factors, including the quality of the food served, the friendliness of the wait staff, the speed with which customers are served, the degree to which the entire establishment is clean, and many others, can have an impact on the level of pleasure that a customer feels after their visit to an establishment. - Get $3000 Gift Cards - McDonald's Survey McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Two of McDVoice’s primary focuses are (1) resolving any problems or issues that customers may have with the quality of the food, the behavior of the staff, the cleanliness of the restaurant, or the quality of the services provided at any McDonald’s location in the United States, and (2) collecting honest and objective feedback from customers in order to continuously improve the overall quality of the customer experience.

The following are some of the many benefits that come from doing a continuous online customer survey:

The goal is to compile trustworthy, first-hand testimonies from McDonald’s customers regarding the meal quality, the value for the money, the cleanliness of the restaurant, the friendliness of the service staff, and any other aspects that are specific to each McDonald’s location.

Find viable answers to the ongoing issues that customers of McDonald’s are encountering, and put those solutions into action.

McDonald’s Customer Survey Details

Survey NameMcDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey URL
Survey PrizeBuy one get one free quarter pounder w/cheese or egg mcmuffin
Receipt Valid7 Days
Offer Expires30 Days after receipt date
Survey Limit1 per person, per receipt
Offer LimitLimit one Free item per receipt and per visit

If you want McDonald’s to use the information to improve the experience for you and other customers who prefer to dine there, it is imperative that you endeavor to be as honest as possible in the McDVoice survey. This will allow McDonald’s to use the information to improve the experience for you and other customers who choose to dine there. - Get $3000 Gift Cards - McDonald's Survey

How to take part in McDonald’s Customer Survey

#1. In order to win a prize such as a meal or a discount at McDonald’s, you have to complete the customer satisfaction survey at - Get $3000 Gift Cards - McDonald's Survey

#2. You should be able to finish the survey and claim your prize in less than five minutes due to the straightforward nature of the instructions and the lack of complexity or obscurity in the questions. - Get $3000 Gift Cards - McDonald's Survey

#3. Listed below are step-by-step guidelines that will make completing the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey.

#4. Use a receipt received within the past week to find the 26-digit survey code. - Get $3000 Gift Cards - McDonald's Survey

#5. McDonald’s provides a customer satisfaction survey at

#6. After entering and validating the 26-digit number printed on the receipt, you will be given access to the questionnaire. - Get $3000 Gift Cards - McDonald's Survey

#7. Select the link that states “If you don’t have a 26-digit survey code, click here” if the code displayed on your receipt is unreadable. This will open a new window where you may enter your store number, KS number, visit date and time, item ordered, and total amount spent. - Get $3000 Gift Cards - McDonald's Survey

#8. You will be brought to the main part of the survey when you are ready to continue. You will be asked simple questions about your most recent visit to McDonald’s. Please be as forthright as possible when rating the restaurant on its food and service quality, prices, personnel friendliness, and cleanliness. Complete the survey after giving careful consideration to each question; you’ll get a confirmation ticket in the mail when you’re done. If you redeem this coupon within 30 days, McDonald’s will give you a free meal or a discount. - Get $3000 Gift Cards - McDonald's Survey

#9. Keep the receipt handy so that you can enter the validation code printed on the back of the receipt to get your discount or freebie. - Get $3000 Gift Cards - McDonald's Survey

#10. Just show the McDonald’s cashier your receipt with the validation number on it to get your free food or discount. - Get $3000 Gift Cards - McDonald's Survey

#11. You can only take the McDVoice survey five times in a given calendar month, and you need to be at least 15 years old and a legal resident of the United States or Canada to be eligible for any of the awards.

Benefits & Rewards

Depending on the time of year and the region in which you reside, completing the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey could get you a BOGO-FREE coupon good for either a Quarter Pounder with cheese or an Egg McMuffin.

Customers have the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win one of ten weekly gift cards worth $25 or one of the monthly cash prizes worth $100. The contest is open to customers in the United States. - Get $3000 Gift Cards - McDonald's Survey

Some regulations may still be in effect. The voucher has no cash value and can’t be redeemed for anything else. McDonald’s gift cards are only redeemable for the items and services specified on the voucher.

Rules & Regulations

The following guidelines and restrictions apply to your participation in the McDVOICE poll. You must meet all of these conditions to take part in the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey.

  • Each consumer and business is limited to participating in no more than five surveys per calendar month.
  • After the initial 30 days, the promotion will expire.
  • You need to be a citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States or Canada.
  • The minimum age for participants is 15.
  • The survey’s findings were released to the public no later than one week after the commercial receipt was created.
  • McDonald’s is no longer accepting applications from its former employees.

The main goal of McDonald’s McDVOICE Customer Satisfaction Survey is to collect authentic input from consumers so that they may enhance the quality of their food and service. Official research indicates that McDonald’s is committed to its customers’ happiness.

McDonald’s places a high value on McDVOICE since it has helped the company improve its operations and the quality of its service over the course of many years of research. McDonald’s regularly releases the results of their official McDVOICE poll, an online customer satisfaction survey. Customers of McDonald’s can have their opinions heard and acted upon by taking part in the McDVOICE survey.

McDvoice Survey Other Links

If you see any error codes when filling out the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey, there may be a technical issue. If you have any queries about any other survey-related concerns or require technical support, you can contact McDonald’s customer service. - Get $3000 Gift Cards - McDonald's Survey

About McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Mac and Dick McDonald are brothers who, like many others of their era, left New England for California in quest of better opportunities. A dream and their own skills were all they had. They tried their hand at making movies, but it was a flop, so they switched to drive-through restaurants instead. Their new business was so successful that they knew they had found their calling.

In 1948, the brothers took a chance by providing faster service than their rivals. The new service was called the Speedee Service System, and it offered hamburgers for only 15 cents. With this change, they shot to the top of the drive-in industry, and within a year had franchised their model to nine different locations.

It was in 1954 when the brothers first met Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc used to be a musician before he started selling milkshake machines. In 1955, salesman Ray McDonald opened the first McDonald’s restaurant in Illinois after being employed as a franchise agent by the brothers. McDonald’s purchased the brothers’ business rights in 1961 for $2.7 million.


McDonald’s customers can voice their opinions on the company’s products and services on the official McDVOICE website. There is no need to define “McDonald’s” because 80% of the population enjoys eating there without any prior knowledge of the chain. McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest restaurants, and it serves a large number of people every day.

McDonald’s is now conducting an online poll at to gauge customer satisfaction with the fast-food restaurant’s service. It was proposed that those who take delight in scrumptious sweets use this forum to place bids on tasty desserts and offer helpful feedback. The sole justification for this is that it improves the quality of the food that will be eaten in the future.

All it takes is a few minutes of your time to answer some questions in this quick McDVOICE poll.  Please fill out the Survey and get back to me within the week. Questions like, “How often do you plan to visit McDonald’s?”

were asked of customers as part of this study trial. Do they actually serve food that tastes as good as it sounds? Do you not think that you have a lot of issues? To that, I’d want to offer a few thoughts of my own. By doing this little survey on McDVOICE, you’ll be entered to win great prizes and receive free items. Please take a few minutes out of your day to complete this survey. - Get $3000 Gift Cards - McDonald's Survey

McDonald’s Survey FAQs

  • How do I participate in the McDonald’s Guest Experience Survey?

Customers of McDonald’s are encouraged to share their thoughts on their most recent eating experience by participating in the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. Visit to take part in the survey.

  • What is the procedure for finishing the McDonald’s Survey?

You will need your most recent McDonald’s receipt in order to enter the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. In the center of your receipt is the survey code.

Just check out

Simply key in your survey code.

Please fill out the survey questions.

You’ll get a confirmation code after you’re done.

  • Question – Why should I fill out the McDonald’s Guest Experience Survey?

Answer – Taking the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey can help you in many ways. To begin, your feedback can be used to enhance McDonald’s offerings. Second, there is a chance to win a reward. Third, you’ll get a validation code that you can use to get something free the next time you eat at McDonald’s.

The McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey questions are as follows.

McDonald’s occasionally conducts customer satisfaction surveys in which participants rate their entire dining experience, the quality of the food they ordered, the friendliness of the staff, and the tidiness of the restaurant.

  • Question – How long does it take to complete the McDonald’s Guest Experience Survey?

Answer – It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time to do the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  • Question – But what if I lose my receipt?

Answer – The McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey can be taken without a receipt. However, you will not be eligible to obtain a validation code or participate in a prize drawing.

  • Question – Where can I enter the code to get my free stuff?

Answer – Visit any McDonald’s location and submit your validation code to the cashier to receive your free food. When you enter the code at checkout, you’ll get whatever freebie is linked with it.

I’m having trouble completing the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey; what should I do?

McDonald’s customer support can be reached at 1-800-244-6227 if you’re having trouble with the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  • Question – Where can I find the rules for participating in the McDonald’s Guest Experience Survey?

Answer – Participants in the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey must meet the following requirements:

Visit McDonald’s often.

Bring a McDonald’s receipt from within the past few weeks.

There should be a 26-digit survey code on the receipt.

The minimum age to participate is fifteen (15).

Upon completion of the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, participants are entered into a sweepstakes for a variety of rewards.

The McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey regularly offers the following prizes:

McDonald’s freebies

Gift Cards from McDonald’s

Retail from McDonald’s

Contest submissions

  • Question – Is there a limit to how many times I may complete the McDonald’s Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Answer – McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey participation is limited to once per receipt. However, if you have multiple receipts with survey codes, you can do the survey as many times as you like. Users are limited to no more than 5 surveys per calendar month, per the site’s standard policy.

  • Question – Can I use the code anytime?

Answer – After 30 days from the date of your receipt, the code will no longer be valid. Quickly put the discount code to use.

  • Question – Can I use the code along with other promotions?

Answer – This coupon code can only be combined with other McDonald’s discounts and specials.

  • Question – Can I use multiple codes per visit?

Answer – Only one coupon can be redeemed per purchase.

  • Question – Is there a McDonald’s survey in languages other than English?

Answer – Since the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey is offered in a number of tongues, the correct response is “no.” You’ll have the opportunity to select one of several languages to answer the questions in at the beginning of the survey.

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